Tips on Cleaning Your Watches

Are you fond of wearing stylish watches for men or just cool cheap watches? If so, how do you often clean your watches? Do you just wear it until it worn-out or you are the type that takes care of your things and making sure that they're all clean?

Watches like designer watches for women have authorized service centers where you can have your watches checked or just schedule a regular cleaning for it. Most of the times, expensive watches have privilege cards that often include free cleaning and servicing so you should avail of this so that your watch will last longer.

But in the case that you don't have any privilege card or you are just too tires to go out of your home, you can just do your own watch cleaning by following very easy tips.

The first step is to find a sink where you can wash your watch. Once you remove your watch, place it on the faucet and allow water to flow freely on it. Next, get a toothbrush, the one that you won't be using anymore, and slowly brush your watch. Don't forget to brush it as lightly as possible so as not to create scratches and don't brush the glass portion. Have a soap ready and slowly rub the brush onto the soap and then to your wrist watch. You should only be brushing the strap of the watch and not the entire watch. The dirt is found normally on the strap so focus on that portion.

Rinse your brush while also rinsing your watch. Don't forget to remove all bubbles on your watch and once you're done rinsing, you can now dry it off with a clean cloth. If you are worrying about the lens or glass portion of your watch, don't worry, you can always use a glass cleaner or wiper and slowly wipe off the dirt. After that, you will have a very clean watch without even going to a watch store.

But put in mind that the only watches such as invicta watch for men you can clean at homes are those that can tolerate water or those that are water-resistant. Don't let your watch get wet if it doesn't have that kind of feature. But if the strap of your watch is removable, you can just remove the strap and then clean it properly and have it tried then place it back properly. If you are doubtful that you can do it yourself, just visit any nearest watch store to have your wrist watch cleaned thoroughly.
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